About us

Our vision

We believe BNCT will be a solution for multiple types of cancer that are very difficult to treat with current therapies.

In order for new applications to be developed, three parallel developments have to take place, which will evolve in a progressively accelerated way:

  • The construction of technically and economically optimized neutron beam generating facilities, suitable for carrying out already approved treatments and researching for new treatments.
  • The development of high selectivity molecules or nanoparticles in the cells that are intended to be destroyed, and their scaling up to industrial production level.
  • Carrying out trials in their various phases, aimed at multiple types of cancers and other diseases, until the approval of the treatments by the health authorities is obtained.

In this context, Labsinlove intends to help on the development of new molecules and nanoparticles, coordinating efforts from enthusiastic and motivated research laboratories, who need bridges to cover the gap to reach the market.

Our mission

Labsinlove is born to generate new molecules or nanoparticles that contributes to the development of advanced cancer therapies and other diseases with the latest goal of making better people´s lives by improving their health.

Specifically, Labsinlove wants to be "the company that is willing to help in whatever is necessary" to the Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) community relying on the scientific bases and the research staff of various research centers.

Our values

The most important asset of the teams that Labsinlove coordinates are the people: their identification with the objectives, their academic excellence, their creativity, their enthusiastic dedication, their perseverance and their ability to incorporate new technologies to improve the productivity of our team and our partners and collaborators.

We are fully aware that financing, whether private or public, is essential for research activity: austerity in the use of funds and transparency in management are key to our credibility with investors and public administrations.

To fulfill its Mission, Labsinlove requires a balance between competitiveness and cooperation; the objectives we pursue will require close collaboration between research and development groups in complementary fields: honesty and respect for agreements, especially in the field of intellectual property, are part of our deepest values.

We are also aware that true success is not usually immediate, but comes as a result of sustained work and inspiration over time; however, we know that the company's profitability from the early stages is necessary to maintain our independence: our people know this and share the need of economic results that, fully reinvested in the company, allow us to accelerate obtaining commercially valuable products.