Our Team


Carmen Ruiz-Ruiz

Researcher in neutron radiobiology

Pharmacist, immunologist, and biologist, Carmen is leading state-of-the art studies on biological effects of neutrons and their immune effects. She leads a team of enthusiasted biologists with experience on neutron irradiation experiments in international facilities, as the Institute Laue-Langevin (Grenoble, France), where her group mantains a biological lab in the experimental hall of the reactor.

Rosario Núñez

Researcher in Boron Chemistry

Rosario is one of the most experienced and renowned boron chemistry researchers, particularly oriented to the development of boron-rich compounds and nanoparticles for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.

Ignacio Porras


Expert on neutron sources and Monte Carlo simulation

Ignacio formed the first interdisciplinary research group on BNCT in Spain. He has obtained the Singular Projects 2016 prize from the Spanish Society Against Cancer and is currently the Vice-president of the International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy (ISNCT).

José Alfonso Nebrera


José is the founding member of the company. Industrial Engineer with more than 50 fifty years on business experience, and since more than 20 years leading the R&D activities of a huge company of applied engineering.

Cristina Aguilera Xiol


Cristina is an experienced Manager with a PhD in Biomedicine and an MBA in Biotechnology Management. Proficient in leading international clinical and research projects, coordinating multidisciplinary teams, and managing R&D centers. Extensive expertise in Oncology and Genomics, gained through roles at top academic institutions, major pharmaceutical companies, and public-private partnerships.

Miquel Nuez-Martínez

Miquel is a postdoctoral research working in the I+D of innovative boron-rich compounds for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. He is a very experienced boron chemist with great skills for the synthesis and characterization of different componds based in boron clusters,

Maria Isabel Porras-Quesada

Our youngest scientist doing her industrial doctorate in the biological response to BNCT, specially with new compounds, from both the metabolic and specific receptors approach. She has strong skills in testing new boron compounds, from the citoxicity and tumor uptake to the biological response to neutron irradiation with different biological end points.